Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Soldier or Pokemon

I've been wondering what I should do once I hang up my Army Combat Uniform. It was suggested I should look into teaching, maybe middle or high school. However, what am I going to teach them? I dont know of too many teens who want to know how to set up a claymore mine, disassemble and reassemble an M16A2, or call in artillery fire on infantry in the open (WP and airbursts are good). Maybe some of the young folks might want to know intersection/resection/basic map reading so they can figure out how to get home from a friend of a friends house who they dont really know but still went to the social event. But a map reading class doesnt take an entire school year.

So, Im thinking about becoming a Pokemon trainer. This isnt something Im rushing into. Ive been thinking about this for awhile, ever since a friend mentioned that there was a need for such people in this world. Ive been playing and replaying episodes of Pokemon to study the techniques of Ash, Morrison, Team Rocket, Tyson and the like. Hey, if a punk like Tyson can train a Pokemon, so can I. All I need is a Pokemon. I really dont want Jigglypuff (sounds like Jigglybutt) or Clefairy (come on...Clefairy) for obvious reasons. Pikachu is cool but too tied to Ash. Maybe something like Machop, which ultimately evolves into Machamp, who has four arms! Four arms....cool.

I know it would be hard work, but I do have a PS2 Digimon game that involves me training a Digimon, which I think are similar to Pokemon in the aspect of training. Maybe if I play that game while staying in a Holiday Inn Express, that will help (reference the Holiday Inn Express commercials).

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