Monday, November 10, 2008

Women's Day...Ugh!

I've been debating for an entire day whether or not I should even write about this...but, it's really been on my mind and, what the heck, it's only a public blog so no one will read this.

Sunday was Women's Day at church. I didn't know that until I got to church, but that was a welcome change. I like the church changing things up. There are three pastors who all take turns with the sermons. I like that; keeps things fresh.

Okay, first event of the day was getting up. That IS an event because Saturday night is movie and game night (Xbox/Wii) with the family. We didn't retire for the night until early AM. That's why we usually go to the latter service.

I looked in my closet for the right pants. I dress from bottom up..."Those black pants cling to my legs, those dark blue too long in the legs, these khakis make my butt look big. Okay, I'm going with the jeans. The ones from yesterday seem okay. No major dirt." The shirt was easier to choose because jeans mean casual. Had to rule out my two cool shirts. "How About A Nice Hot Cup Of...." and "Finch Better Have My Money" seemed inappropriate, so I went with a green polo shirt (even though I don't play polo).

Got to church, sat in a cozy seat, did a Twitter text, saw out of the corner of my eye the spouse give me one of those looks, put away the comm device, then it was time to sing. The music minister led us in America The Beautiful and Battle Hymn of the Republic. What a surprise. I think that was the same program from last Vet's Day. Why do we only sing those songs on Memorial Day and Vet's Day, anyway? Well, at least it wasn't Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA. We Soldiers hear that song more than any normal human can stand; in every hooah video, every Welcome Home event, Going Away event, ball, dining-in, etc... Thank goodness we're Army Strong because normal strong couldn't take all that Lee Greenwood.

Third song was some obscure old Navy song from 1157AD or so. It was the music minister's fav so we had to stand and sing that one. What the!? Why not stand for America the Beautiful? Okay, I'm going to figure out how to be music minister for the day sometime so I can make people stand to "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" just because I like that one.

After the songs they announced it was Women's Day at the church. Unfortunately, the women had to share with the veterans because it was Veteran's Day sunday. No big deal, just tell the vets to stand, round of applause and then have them sit again.

For some reason, that wasn't good enough. The church made a really long video with slow changing photos and two very long patriotic songs on Powerpoint. I'm a Soldier, I've seen this before. It's like standard operating procedure for these types of events, so I sat through it all the while fighting the urge to get out the comm device to check Twitter. It's not that I don't like the church's efforts, but it's so darn predictable. Heck, mix it up a bit. Dress some guys up like they're "Charlie", lob some smoke grenades down the aisle and toss in some firecrackers. Activate some of those suppressed flashbacks and, well, then you would have a great service! Everybody low-crawlin' around in the sanctuary, vets running around all crazified. That would be a service long remembered.

Anyway, back to reality. Long Powerpoint slideshow, I go catatonic until I hear the golf-clap applause for the slideshow finale, then the sermon. Come to find out, Women's Day was just an event to have the women take over the service. It wasn't a tribute to women, just a day off for the male clergy. The lady delivering the sermon did spend a couple minutes explaining some of the organizations the Women's Society helps, but that was all. So I left feeling kind of like I missed the main event.

I don't feel any of the church staff meant to cheat the women and this is definitely not anything against God. Heck, if it weren't for God, I wouldn't be here to type this. His grace has carried me everyday.

I do see this kind of thing often in civilian organizations. Folks just don't really stop to think what Women's Day really means or Vet's Day or Memorial Day. What should have happened for Women's Day was to rename it something like Women's Heritage Day. Then use the entire event to highlight how women have contributed to the church from the early days of reformation up to now. Maybe have some posters in the narthex with historical postings and photos. Maybe have some songs tossed in that were composed by women. Guess I should suggest that for next year. But then, I may have the rose pinned on me to organize that day. Uh, maybe I should have my spouse raise the issue.

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